27 December 2010

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21 September 2010


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i know, i shouldnt complain

My Monday to-do list was put off a day due to lots of things that needed to get accomplished. Needless to say, I have gotten a good start on getting my homework, work items and little things like laundry worked on yesterday. Yet, there still never seems to be enough time during the day. Even though I find myself not sleeping until super late, I am not using that time to get things done. I just toss and turn in bed, hoping to fall asleep soon. I dont work a full day today, so I will be able to get some more things finished. Not to mention, my better half works 10-12 hour days, 6 days a week...when we see each other, we are both dead tired. And then when we do have some time to hang out we have a bunch of family things to get finished.
Is this not too pretty?I want him and I to take a vacation to the middle of nowhere. Even if it is for two days. I need some time with my mister. I need to have long nights of talking wrapped in plaid blankets and late morning laughs after sleeping in. He really needs one...probably more than I do. Either way, I am starting to get that feeling that nothing matters. Almost like you are dreaming, so you dont really feel anything. You just go through the every day motions. It is all some depressing, mundane movie. Something Zach Braff would write, and young adults would go see it and say, "That's how I want my life to be." Yet, they don't realize that when you actually get to the point that you are living it, nothing matters. And it isn't so cool anymore.

17 September 2010

its a party!

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. Although this may be a biased opinion, my dad is a great guy. He works really hard all the time to give all four of his kids everything they could ask for. Even when we try to grow up and be independent, he has a hard time because he doesn't watch us to make mistakes as we learn. It is annoying sometimes, and I bump heads with him a lot. However, I couldn't have asked for a better daddy.
In honor of his birthday and his best buddies, they are one day apart, the wives are having a joint birthday party tonight. There is something about going to parties with an older crowd that make me feel like a real grown-up. Not to mention the food, drinks and converstations tend to be more rewarding. :0) ANNNDDD, it just so happens that I will get to spend the evening with Katie. I am super excited because I haven't seen her or her wonderful family in about a month.

16 September 2010

hey shorty...

Although this is not a throwback video, I have come to love this guy Bangs so much, I must share. He is from Sudan and is now on the mission to show what a "gentleman gangster" is truly like. He has another song called "facebook." Both of them are glorious and catchy. I find myself singing them all the time. And then upset because they are stuck in my head. Enjoy!

15 September 2010

beach cruiser wanted

There just something about leaves changing colors, jacket weather and it becoming darker quicker that makes me want to go on bike rides. I love riding my bike. However, beach cruisers are magical and have such a great vintage feel to them, I cannot help but be in love. The saddest part is that I live no where near the ocean or beach or anything with sand. My beach cruise, if I ever get one...hello christmas!...will just have to handle the concrete jungles of Louisville instead.

14 September 2010

ode to my yogurt


i have a new apprecipation for yogurt. i have never really liked the taste of it, but knew all about the benefits to it. don't get me wrong, i love, love, love frozen yogurt...but not every morning for breakfast. not to mention, i doubt the benefits to anything that taste like ice cream. so, i forced myself to start eating it, hoping that one day i might be able to tolerant the taste. i tried different brands, various types of yogurt in those brands, (lite, whipped, fruit at the bottom) and then would try many different flavors in those brands. boy oh boy do i love yogurt now. it only took a year to discover which ones i should stray away from and which ones i want to have on hand all the time. i dont feel like i can start my morning off right without some good ol' strawberry banana lite kroger brand yogurt. (thats my product name drop for the day!) sometimes i crave it so much during the day, i make a smoothie for dinner using plain yogurt with some berries or fruit. all this talk is gonna have me making myself one tonight with blueberries and apples. yummy!