30 August 2010

Monday To-Do

Today's To-do list is a simple one:
-Feel better.

Last night I went to bed around 830pm; I know a lame-o. Not to mention I completely missed true blood. Yes, I am a vamp lover. Around 11 I woke up to my throat aching. It is extremely swollen. The Mister told me he loved me, and I feel back to sleep. Today is a day of drinking lots of hot and cold tea, eating an apple and yogurt and getting soup after class.

Bed time is coming early again tonight!


27 August 2010

Date NIght

Date night with my Mister begins with good food:

Some thing to enjoy at home when watching tv:

And finally a candle of Pumpkin Spice to fill the room because it feels like fall in KY:


Tomorrow, a good friend of mine is having her graduation party. I am very proud of anyone that makes it through college. Yet, I never understand why you get more gifts when you graduate from high school vs. college. College is harder people! :0) The weather has been magical here in KY this week. I hope it is this nice tomorrow for the cook out.

What are your weekend plans?

25 August 2010


In keeping with my knee high wants from last week, I have decided the four pairs of boots I have is not nearly enough. From over the knee to rain boots, the shoe can dress up, dress down or be extremely practically for the winter season. Here are some pictures of inspiration for when you buy your boots this fall season.





What is your favorite style of boots?

23 August 2010

Monday To-Do

This week's to-do list:

-upload all music onto computer
-start my weekly goal for the gym/yoga
-finish my book
-get pictures printed to make my summer scrapbook
-make sure i go to class

22 August 2010


I have such exciting news to share with you! But, it will have to wait a few weeks. I know, I am extremely mean. My Mister and I had a blast getting ready for it and being there. A fun-filled, lazy weekend that made me jump in the air for what's to come in the falling weeks.


20 August 2010


Today I took the day off to sleep in, cuddle, clean and relax before I being 8-9 days on Monday. I slept 11 hours!! Cleaning my apt, ate lots of pizza that was unhealthy for me, talk two to besties and watched Jersey Shore. Over all, it was what I needed.

What do you do on your days off?

18 August 2010

Wednesday Wants

Last night I decided to add a new weekly blog post: Wednesday Wants. Today I focus on knee highs. I love this idea with cute flats, strappy heels, over tights or with boots. It all began when I caved and grabbed these adorables:






17 August 2010

going to the chapel and we're going to get married...

As I informed you two weekends ago one of my very best friends got married to her college sweetheart. They met at Eastern Michigan University in 2005 where they both swam. The wedding took place in our hometown of Shelbyville, Ky. However, the groom, his family and all of their friends, including the bridal and groom party are from Michigan. Weather was nice, food amazing and company was a blast for this celebration weekend. Here are a few photos from the magical event. The bride is the red-head, the maid-of-honor is the brunette and I am the blonder one in the first photo. She looked amazing, the bridesmaid all shined and the groomsmen were handsome. The reception was a epic due to playing cornhole, dingleberry (both are KY games!), wine in mason jars, a candy room for the guest and dancing to the hokey pokey...bc that's what it's all about! Enjoy!

Can't forget a picture of the groom and I.


16 August 2010

Monday To-Do

It is my last week before school starts. I am excited, nervous and overall not wanting to go. However, I have a lot I need to get accomplished. Last week I failed, horribly. Hopefully, I can do it this time.

-clean apt
-menu plan for the next four weeks
-got to target and victorias secret
-finish my school book shopping
-go to the post office
-begin my yoga goal plan
-begin my book goal plan

what's on your to-do list?

4 Simple Goals (before 2011.....)

An adorable girl named Elsie, I follow her blog on the regular, has developed a project for herself and other bloggers. I decided to take up the chance to have goals made and accomplished. Here are the details:

1. choose simple goals that will make your life more fulfilling
2. choose activity oriented goals
3. choose goals that are personal
4. choose a reward for each goal as it is accomplished
5. blog your goals, each one as you achieve it and a big post when they are all finished before the new year

Now that the rules are explained, here are my four simple goals for 2011:

1. Yoga. I want to have a yoga workout at least 4 times a week. I use to do yoga every single day, until my life caught up with me. I can make the time and will do so. I miss the feeling of wellness after a good yoga session.

2. Understanding my Faith. I have recently decided to convert to Catholicism. Before I begin my classes and such, I want to have a strong understand of all the teachings and history. So, my goal here is to gain insight and understanding.

3. Read. My degree is in English; so I am a lover off all books. However, due to being lazy and not giving myself enough "Leigh-Time," I have got behind on enjoyable reading. My goal is to read at least one new book a month. This of course will be a challenge because I am going back to school for my second degree. Working full-time, going to school full-time at night will require lots of scholarly reading. I need to make sure to put aside reading that is for me!

4. Be a better girlfriend. I know that everyone likes to think that they are the best girlfriend/boyfriend around, but let's be honest, there are things that you can improve on that will not only be helpful for your relationship, but you as a person. For example, sometimes, I am a bad listener or a busy body. I need to make sure I take time out of my busy life to sit down with the Mister, make sure he is making it through his day and see if there is anything HE needs to get off HIS chest.

These are all goals that I believe will improve my mind and body. I hope to have them all accomplished, or at least have a good grasp on them by the end of the year.

I invited you to take up this challenge too!

12 August 2010

Rollercoaster Ride

I haven't had time, and to be honest, the desire to post here. I have had a rollercoaster of a weekend/week. My best friend did get married and is currently in Hawaii enjoying the new life ahead of her. There was stress, tears, name calling, hugs, kisses, thank-yous and I love yous. Overall, it was the smoothest wedding I have been involved in. However, like all good things, bad things are bond to follow.

On the way home from dancing the night away, my Mister and I stopped, due to a roadblock because of our towns International Horse Show going on that same weekend, to visit his brother's family. It was very nice to get to hold the new newphew, Maddox. After a late night, short visit we headed home. We began getting ready for bed and grabbed our phones to turn off the alarms. That's when everything just came to a stop. I had recieved two messages saying a very good friend of ours had passed away. Not wanting to believe it and honestly not knowing how to react, we went to sleep, after discussing how exactly, or if this really happened.

The next morning, we found out it did. Due to coming from a high emotional state to the lowest emotional state, I have been absent. I promise to make more of an effort this weekend to start getting back to every day life, because that is what Sky would have wanted.

I leave you with this, tell everyone you love them and call your friends, family or counterpart at least once a week. Do not let something go unsaid.


03 August 2010

dinner, update and a bad movie

Tonight I had a delicious dinner, by myself though. The mister's tummy is acting up.

An open-faced tuna and home-grown tomato sandwich on wheat bread, some garlic lovers hummus, a slice of that same tomato, some crackers and a few tiny, sweet pickles with some green tea. It was good eating.
Then I while watching a bad 90's film, "The Last Word," I did an esty update that included oh so cute items such as these:

I now have some dishes to do, yoga and reading. Not to mention I need to make sure to get some beauty rest-it is only three days til my best friend is a "MRS."

What bad movies have you seen?



A HUGE etsy shop update is happening tonight! SOURCE

On top of the bracelets and necklaces already listed, there are going to be some super adorable vintage button earrings.
Be sure to check it out tomorrow afternoon: The Shop

The Desires

I have the desire to scrapbook again. This must begin soon.

Until tonight, for a serious post.


02 August 2010

Monday To-Do

Work has been extremely busy as of late. I am hoping it will calm down A LOT before I go back to school full time for my second degree! It is an extremely exciting time. I just need to make sure to stay on my toes.

Every Monday I always create a "weekly to-do" list. This week's to-do list is going to be especially hectic due to my best friend getting married!! I have already been productive today. Work, dentist, Target (love, love love), wrapped gifts, dinner in the slow cooker for mister and myself and now, off to work out and then shower until he gets home from his Monday night meetings. I cannot wait for tonight, to relax, enjoy each others company and watch "Daywatch." I have recently gotten in to this book saga called "Nightwatch." It is all about Russian vampires, shape shifts, the dark vs. the light. An extremely good read. "Daywatch" is the second book and film. The mister doesn't mind this because it is sci-fi/fantasy and not "Twilight." hehe.

The rest of my week included:
-getting my hair did
-work and nanny-ing
-cleaning my apt
-creating pretty things
-bridal shower throwing
-editing stories
-poolside for a bit of color (cant look invisible in my dress)
-over all fun times

Whether I get this all accomplished by next Monday is most likely not going to happen. However, I like to hope for the best.