17 August 2010

going to the chapel and we're going to get married...

As I informed you two weekends ago one of my very best friends got married to her college sweetheart. They met at Eastern Michigan University in 2005 where they both swam. The wedding took place in our hometown of Shelbyville, Ky. However, the groom, his family and all of their friends, including the bridal and groom party are from Michigan. Weather was nice, food amazing and company was a blast for this celebration weekend. Here are a few photos from the magical event. The bride is the red-head, the maid-of-honor is the brunette and I am the blonder one in the first photo. She looked amazing, the bridesmaid all shined and the groomsmen were handsome. The reception was a epic due to playing cornhole, dingleberry (both are KY games!), wine in mason jars, a candy room for the guest and dancing to the hokey pokey...bc that's what it's all about! Enjoy!

Can't forget a picture of the groom and I.


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