12 August 2010

Rollercoaster Ride

I haven't had time, and to be honest, the desire to post here. I have had a rollercoaster of a weekend/week. My best friend did get married and is currently in Hawaii enjoying the new life ahead of her. There was stress, tears, name calling, hugs, kisses, thank-yous and I love yous. Overall, it was the smoothest wedding I have been involved in. However, like all good things, bad things are bond to follow.

On the way home from dancing the night away, my Mister and I stopped, due to a roadblock because of our towns International Horse Show going on that same weekend, to visit his brother's family. It was very nice to get to hold the new newphew, Maddox. After a late night, short visit we headed home. We began getting ready for bed and grabbed our phones to turn off the alarms. That's when everything just came to a stop. I had recieved two messages saying a very good friend of ours had passed away. Not wanting to believe it and honestly not knowing how to react, we went to sleep, after discussing how exactly, or if this really happened.

The next morning, we found out it did. Due to coming from a high emotional state to the lowest emotional state, I have been absent. I promise to make more of an effort this weekend to start getting back to every day life, because that is what Sky would have wanted.

I leave you with this, tell everyone you love them and call your friends, family or counterpart at least once a week. Do not let something go unsaid.


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