02 August 2010

Monday To-Do

Work has been extremely busy as of late. I am hoping it will calm down A LOT before I go back to school full time for my second degree! It is an extremely exciting time. I just need to make sure to stay on my toes.

Every Monday I always create a "weekly to-do" list. This week's to-do list is going to be especially hectic due to my best friend getting married!! I have already been productive today. Work, dentist, Target (love, love love), wrapped gifts, dinner in the slow cooker for mister and myself and now, off to work out and then shower until he gets home from his Monday night meetings. I cannot wait for tonight, to relax, enjoy each others company and watch "Daywatch." I have recently gotten in to this book saga called "Nightwatch." It is all about Russian vampires, shape shifts, the dark vs. the light. An extremely good read. "Daywatch" is the second book and film. The mister doesn't mind this because it is sci-fi/fantasy and not "Twilight." hehe.

The rest of my week included:
-getting my hair did
-work and nanny-ing
-cleaning my apt
-creating pretty things
-bridal shower throwing
-editing stories
-poolside for a bit of color (cant look invisible in my dress)
-over all fun times

Whether I get this all accomplished by next Monday is most likely not going to happen. However, I like to hope for the best.


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