09 September 2010

24 things before 24

this is my list of 24 things to do before im 24. i think it will be fun. i mean heck, ive got a year and some months...lets hope i can get this finished.

1. find a full time job
2. make money off of my crafts
3. move into a new apt
4. buy a new camera..slr preferably
5. learn to crochet
6. take a monthly self-portrait for a solid year
7. go to the midwest
8. finish ten books that are on my "books to read before i die" list
9. go to nashville
10. send 10 care packages to friends that dont live near me
11. camp...like really camp for three nights!
12. plan a party for a friend
13. make dinner for my parents at my house
14. take photos of my nephew or niece
15. visit my wilma for a week
16. take a cooking class
17. sew a dress
18. finish my collection of short stories
19. take a road trip
20. grow my own veggies
21. make sure i write about each of these goals
22. knit a blanket
23. watch every episode of law and order...this may be a hard one :0)
24. get baptized

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