17 September 2010

its a party!

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. Although this may be a biased opinion, my dad is a great guy. He works really hard all the time to give all four of his kids everything they could ask for. Even when we try to grow up and be independent, he has a hard time because he doesn't watch us to make mistakes as we learn. It is annoying sometimes, and I bump heads with him a lot. However, I couldn't have asked for a better daddy.
In honor of his birthday and his best buddies, they are one day apart, the wives are having a joint birthday party tonight. There is something about going to parties with an older crowd that make me feel like a real grown-up. Not to mention the food, drinks and converstations tend to be more rewarding. :0) ANNNDDD, it just so happens that I will get to spend the evening with Katie. I am super excited because I haven't seen her or her wonderful family in about a month.

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