14 September 2010

ode to my yogurt


i have a new apprecipation for yogurt. i have never really liked the taste of it, but knew all about the benefits to it. don't get me wrong, i love, love, love frozen yogurt...but not every morning for breakfast. not to mention, i doubt the benefits to anything that taste like ice cream. so, i forced myself to start eating it, hoping that one day i might be able to tolerant the taste. i tried different brands, various types of yogurt in those brands, (lite, whipped, fruit at the bottom) and then would try many different flavors in those brands. boy oh boy do i love yogurt now. it only took a year to discover which ones i should stray away from and which ones i want to have on hand all the time. i dont feel like i can start my morning off right without some good ol' strawberry banana lite kroger brand yogurt. (thats my product name drop for the day!) sometimes i crave it so much during the day, i make a smoothie for dinner using plain yogurt with some berries or fruit. all this talk is gonna have me making myself one tonight with blueberries and apples. yummy!

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