01 September 2010

Why my boyfriend is better than yours :0)

Weeeellll, maybe in my eyes. My Mister started training for a new job today. He got off work and called me to tell me about it. I was just getting home myself and started to boil eggs. I have this need for deviled eggs in my life right now. We hung up after a quick, "hey, how's it going" converstation. He told me he'd call me when he got home. Here's the rest of the story,

(cellphone rings, [singsong voice], "I want to make you smile whenever you are sad...")

Me: "I know you aren't home yet, it's been five minutes since we spoke."

Mister: "I know, I was going to stop by because I pass right by your house, but I missed the exit not thinking clearly. So I am not stopping by now."

Me: "You called me and got my hopes up. Now I am all sad."

Mister: "My bad. I'll call you when I get home."

Me: "Ok, I love you. Bye."

Mister: "I love you too. Bye."

(I proceed to go to my reading. Until 5 minutes later I hear a knock on my door.)

You guessed it! It was my Mister. We chit-chatted for a bit, ate some yummy arbys and then he sent me on my way to school with a kiss. Award for best boyfriend of the day goes to my Mister.

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